Which Iowa schools have the best security? Which have the worst? An interactive map had the answers.

The Des Moines Register published a map pinpointing which Iowa schools are adequately protected and which lack security. Users could click on schools to get the name and number of students enrolled, but the map was taken down after editors reportedly received phone calls from concerned readers that the map would help potential criminals target schools that did not have security, Newsmax reports. The newspaper reports that the map was taken down for editing purposes and will be reposted.

The Register’s Metro Editor, Cathy Bolton, says the map and the accompanying story were part of a “larger look at school resource officers.”

The story revealed that at least 54 Iowa public school districts out of 348 in the state have a police officer or private security officer stationed at one or more of the buildings during some part of the school day.

Many of the newspaper’s readers disagreed with the posting of the article and map, and comments placed on the story were largely negative.