A foreign gambler infiltrated Australia's biggest casino's surveillance system to spy on other player's cards and pulled off a $33 million fraud.

According to the Herald Sun, the foreign high roller who was staying at the Crown Casino used the casino's security cameras were used to spy for him. A staff member has also been implicated in the theft. The report says that cheating was exposed over eight hands of cards played in a short space of time.

The paper said that remote access to the venue's security system was given to an unauthorized person. Images relayed from cameras were then used to spy on a top-level gaming area where the high roller was playing. Signals were given to him on how he should bet based on the advice of someone viewing the camera feeds. The Herald Sun said the total stolen amount was $33 million.

"Crown's surveillance department recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam. A Crown investigation is under way and is ongoing," a Crown casino spokesman said.