Door security can still be maintained but made more quiet thanks to optional security gear.


In healthcare facilities where patients and visitors, often understandably emotional, need a quiet environment, security technology can accommodate.

For areas that are used for sleeping, healing, study, concentration or the overall reduction of auditory disturbances, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, for one, has a suite of products that provide whisper quiet latches and sound reducing exit devices.

“The right environment helps everyone do a better job and noise reduction can be a key component for many environments,” explains Joseph Vaida, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, portfolio marketing manager-mechanical.  “For these applications, the same door hardware that’s used in one place in the facility may not be appropriate for areas that need to minimize noise. Therefore, for a doorway that is not intrusive,” there are quiet options.

The quiet suite eliminates the sounds of door hardware not noticed in standard locations. For instance, by replacing magnetic solenoids that require high voltage inrushes for traditional noisy electronic latch retraction with motor-driven latch retraction, a much quieter solution with fewer disturbances is possible. In hazardous areas where electronics are not permitted but still require quiet latch retraction, pneumatic latch retraction is ideal. By incorporating an innovative, mechanical damper to decelerate mechanical push pads on the push and return stroke, most of the noise associated with push pad exit devices is eliminated. Lastly, concealed vertical cable system exit devices eliminate the rattles of rods in the door and the clanking of rods on the floor.