As security tightens in London before the Olympics, a no-fly zone has been established for over the Wimbledon tennis championships for the first time since 2003, according to an article from AFP

Security has been increased around the All England Club in preparation for the August Olympic Games, as Wimbledon will also host the Olympic tennis tournament.

The no-fly zone will stretch 0.75 nautical miles around the complex in southwest London and extends 500 feet high, the article says. 

After the championships finish, there will be an 18-day gap until the start of the Olympics. Security personnel and police officers at the Club are well-aware that any actions disrupting the Wimbledon tournament will inevitably effect the security measures at the Games themselves. 

Police numbers have been boosted, but the figure was not divulged. 

The risk increases at Wimbledon due to the fact that it is a multi-day event, providing a larger window of opportunity, the article says. 

Superintendent Pete Dobson said that there will be a varied security presence throughout the tournament, including plainclothes officers and armed officers to protect visiting dignitaries.