Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer accused the U.S. government of falsely claiming that the Arizona-Mexico border is more secure than ever, a Tucson Sentinel article stated.

“America’s failure to understand this problem at a national level and to deal with it has haunted borders like mine for decades,” she said, citing killings in the community, including those of Robert Krentz, killed on his ranch in 2010, possibly by drug smugglers; and Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, shot with a smuggled firearm, according to the article.

“Brewer said Arizonans witness the federal government’s failure to secure the border when officials raid drop houses used by human traffickers or wind up in high-speed car chases in neighborhoods and on freeways,” the Tucson Sentinel reported.

Brewer also called for cooperation between Arizona, Mexico and Washington D.C. to protect the border and also the economic sector of Arizona. According to the article, she warned against letting outdated ports of entry increase wait times for goods to cross the border, which might lead companies to trade to other states.

Brewer gave the speech at the 6th Annual Border Security Expo on March 7, 2012.