Honeywell Video Technology Helps Protect Largest Privately-Funded Construction Project in U.S. History

The massive new CityCenter complex – developed by MGM Resorts International and the Infinity World Development Corp, a subsidiary of Dubai World – is the largest privately-funded construction project in U.S. history. The 18-million square-foot facility spreads over 67 acres and includes the ARIA Resort and Casino, which hosts more than 4,000 hotel rooms, 10 bars and lounges and a 150,000 square-foot gaming space with 145 table games and 1,940 server-based slot machines.

The CityCenter installation integrated Honeywell's newest IP video technology with analog video and the facility's IT systems. All the technology is managed under Honeywell's MAXPRO® VMS video management system. The single software platform allows personnel to quickly retrieve and view video from any camera to pinpoint and resolve issues as they arise.

The Honeywell video system, installed by integrator North American Video, uses equipment such as 360-degree IP cameras to cover the casino floor, as well as megapixel cameras that can capture clear identification shots of people traveling between different areas. Additionally, the surveillance system captures data from CityCenter's parking and retail locations.

ARIA is also using Honeywell's IDM (Integrated Data Manager) that ties data from point-of-sales systems, slot machines and cash counters back to MAXPRO VMS. The integrated system allows security personnel to review cash handling from anywhere within the facility, and conduct both post-forensic and real-time analysis. IDM ties cash register transaction data directly to the associated video to allow an “after the fact” forensic analysis or live real time monitoring of transactions.

From an installation perspective, the system's network configuration saves hardware space, as well as time and money on equipment and labor, because it eliminates the need for transmitters and receivers. ARIA is in the process of implementing Honeywell's new HD3MDIP fixed mini-dome network camera, which is ideal for casino floors due to its superior picture quality and ability to capture high-definition images in variable conditions, including low lighting. It can also reduce the number of cameras needed to monitor table games. “The amazing thing about these cameras is the image quality and the low light level performance,” said surveillance director Ted Whiting. “Most casinos are quite dark, which has always been an issue for CCTV systems. The Honeywell HD3MDIP handles low light better than any camera I have ever seen, and the resolution is fantastic. Instead of using two cameras to cover table games with suit dependant payouts, we can now use a single camera and read every card,” he said.

While any upgrade from an analog system to a digital system will show immediate benefits in a surveillance department’s efficiency, this system has given ARIA some successes that would have been impossible with a less robust digital CCTV system. Whiting shares a dramatic example: “One day Surveillance received a call that a slot machine had been vandalized. We reviewed the video and saw a person punch the machine. We saw him walking away from the damaged machine with 360 degree cameras, and we kept following him until he crossed a choke point and we got a clear ID shot of him. Next, we showed the ID shot to supervisors on the casino floor, one of whom said he had just passed the guy at a craps table.

One of the PTZ cameras found the suspect as he was walking toward the exit, so we were able to guide Security to the suspect and detain him without incident. The vandal was arrested and will make restitution for the property he damaged.”

With a standard CCTV system the casino could have documented the incident, but the vandal would have gotten away. MAXPRO VMS let them retrieve and review video quickly from any camera, regardless of camera type or manufacturer, so they were able to apprehend the suspect.
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– Submitted by Honeywell Security Group

Managing Keys the Intelligent Way

With more than 2,200 employees and nearly 350 keys, the Sycuan Casino outside San Diego needed to access to secure areas while facilitating access for essential operations personnel. This required a reliable, secure method of issuing and storing keys, as well as a comprehensive system for maintaining an accurate record of who was in possession of all keys at all times. Based on the Gaming Commission’s Compliance Director’s recommendation, the casino selected Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher intelligent key management solution.

“Morse Watchmans was extremely helpful in developing and expanding our system,” says Harold Johns, security director, Sycuan Casino. “Anytime we have a new challenge, they present us with multiple options and a recommendation based on our goals.”

Starting with one KeyWatcher managing 100 keys strictly for the security department, today Sycuan Casino uses 14 KeyWatchers in eight locations throughout the facility. The system can be easily customized including setting access constraints at an individual level, for each key, every hour of each day. 

With KeyWatcher, a missing key can trigger an alarm to alert security personnel. Morse Watchmans' Key-Pro™ Performance Software provides Sycuan Casino with extensive reporting options, centralized programming, advanced network capabilities, improved system communications, detailed reporting and real-time transaction polling.

Sycuan Casino now has strict accountability for keys throughout its operation. KeyWatcher provides controlled access to keys to authorized personnel when they need them, requiring dual and triple user authentication as needed. Keys are continuously tracked and reports can be printed in order to provide information required by the gaming commission as to the use and location of keys to secure areas.

“KeyWatcher has unlimited patience and will wait until the correct set of elements are met before releasing a key,” says Johns. “Key management doesn't get much better than this.” For more information, visit

 – Submitted by Morse Watchmans


IP Video Secures The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier is an award-winning resort and National Historic landmark located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. In designing and installing the video surveillance system for its famous Casino Club, the objective was to preserve the building’s architectural beauty and integrity while implementing sophisticated IP-based surveillance capabilities. Security management at The Greenbrier required the IP solution to be fully featured, including an intelligent approach to managing the system. The challenge was to provide an IP-based video surveillance and security solution that would be compromise-free, could be implemented within a very aggressive time frame and would meet the very stringent regulations for gaming facilities stipulated by the West Virginia Lottery. Additionally, the 100 percent IP-based design would be the first of its kind in the state and help set the standard for future IP-based video surveillance installations in West Virginia.

NAV’s reputation and experience in designing IP video system solutions and its extensive knowledge of gaming surveillance requirements enabled them to deliver an uncompromised video surveillance system that provides detailed coverage, control and archiving capabilities. The NAV-designed system features approximately 400 network cameras, including a mixture of megapixel and high-resolution imaging technologies. The design also includes the enterprise-class Endura video management software by Pelco, which resolved the need for intelligent management of the system. For the recording portion of the design, cameras are integrated with a powerful recording structure to ensure all available storage is symmetrically utilized. Work on the design/build was completed within an aggressive time frame to meet the grand opening and was commissioned through the General Contractor, Clancy & Theys, and fully approved by the West Virginia Lottery. Upon successful completion of the project, on time and on budget, the Greenbrier awarded NAV an additional service contract to provide year-round support for the system. For more information, visit

– Submitted by North American Video (NAV)