During a Texas Rangers game last Thursday, a fan trying to catch a ball died after falling head-first about 20 feet to the ground. Was it an isolated incident or do security measures need to be changed?

The accident occurred during the second inning of the Texas Rangers vs. Oakland Athletics game, after Conor Jackson of the A's hit a foul ball near left field. The victim fell into the space between the scoreboard and the stands while trying to catch the ball that Star outfielder Josh Hamilton picked up and threw into the stands.

"Josh is very distraught over this," said team president and ex-pitcher Nolan Ryan, “We're very heavy-hearted about this," Ryan added, "and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.”

This leaves many wondering if America's ballparks are safe for fans to attend, or if this was an isolated incident, says a Bleachreport article.

There have been at least thirty-five confirmed fatalities since 1900 in Major and Minor League ballparks, says the article, adding that "Thirty deaths are due to either fan behavior or stadium infrastructure."

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