Six men cut their way into four stores at a Jacksonville, Fla. flea market and got away with cash, handguns and an estimated $1 million in jewelry.

Authorities say a security camera recorded the thieves Sunday as they cut through concrete walls and metal locks. They also managed to bypass security alarms.

The Peter’s Gold store suffered the biggest loss, getting ransacked and its safe cut into with an estimated $1 million in gold jewelry stolen. 

The robbery occurred just before 2 a.m. Sunday. Officials say the thieves did their best to disable the security system. An inside motion sensor was painted over near another hole cut in an inside wall of the CD store, and more security cameras were damaged or turned around inside the flea market.

The computer hard drive for the surveillance camera system was gone and a floor safe had been moved downstairs, cut open and an undetermined amount of cash stolen.

The owner of a CD store found nothing stolen, only a hole cut in her inside wall where the burglars got in. The owner of an ATM store said there was $4,400 stolen from two cash machines there, while a Men in Black store owner said his store had been ransacked and about $300 in clothing stolen as well as $200 from the cash register.