For the second time in less than a week, an armed motorcyclist made off with thousands of dollars in casino chips, this time from one of the glitziest resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

The Bellagio Casino was roobed early today when a gunman walked up to a craps table, pulled out a handgun and confiscated $1.5 million in chips. The entire job took less than three minutes, police say.

Police released an 11-second video showing a man in a jumpsuit running through a casino entry lobby with a gun in his right hand. At one point, he turned and pointed the weapon behind him. His helmet appeared to be red with twin white stripes from front to rear. An AP report says that police suspect the same man wore a helmet, flashed a gun and sped away on a black sport motorcycle after robbing the Las Vegas Suncoast Hotel & Casino poker room about on Dec. 9. That heist netted less than $20,000 in chips, while estimates of the amount taken from Bellagio reportedly could approach $2 million.

The report notes that that casino chips aren't the same as cash, are unique to casino properties and are not interchangeable.