A French armoured van driver ran made off with 11.6 million euros because he didn't like his boss and felt he was being under paid, says a Telegraph.co.uk report.
Toni Musulin, a former employee of the Swedish security firm Loomis, faces a three-year jail term for the November 5, 2009 theft in the central city of Lyon, the report says. "They say that I'm Robin Hood, but I'm not. I'm just a normal guy," Musulin says in the report. "I had problems with my boss."
Musulin surrendered to police in Monaco 11 days after he abandoned his armoured van and made off with the money stuffed in dozens of sacks. Police found the empty armored vehicle in Lyon hours after the heist and two days later discovered nine million euros in a lock-up garage, but 2.5 million euros are still missing.
Musulin testified that his employer often made mistakes on his pay check and complained bitterly of being under paid, says the report. Musulin earned less than 2,000 euros a month in the Loomis job he had held for 10 years.