Full-body security scanners will not be used in Dubai airports, says a report by TheNationa.au.
The decision was made because the devices do not correspond with national customs and ethics, said Brig Ahmed bin Thani, the Dubai Police’s director of airport security. “I do not feel that it is necessary for us to implement such a technology while we are operating different methods and have different avenues that have worked so far,” he said. “The use of such a device violates personal privacy and it raises a very sensitive issue for passengers, in addition to the fact that it does not complement our national ethics.”
Brig bin Thani said security measures in place in Dubai were sufficient to keep millions of travellers safe. He noted the scanning technology is not required by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). “The acquisition of such devices is based on the decision of every member state of the ICAO and is not a mandatory measure instructed by them,” he said. “The majority of crimes that we deal with involve forged passports originating from East Asian countries.”
Dubai International Airport is also looking into the possibility of introducing face-recognition technology to enhance safety, said Brig Omar al Amri, the deputy director of airport security. The system has been tested but has yet to be fully implemented. “For the technology to be introduced only a software upgrade is required,” said Brig bin Thani. “We are currently testing it and reviewing its potential uses.”
The airport has more than 3,200 operational security cameras in its three terminals, the report says.