As young people move into enterprises, they bring technology knowledge which is a two-edged sword.

Generation y, millennials to some, are those young workers who walk into the office with a digital assistant in one hand and a Starbucks latte in the other. They gladly accept the door keycard and PIN, wave hello to the security video camera in the lobby; arm themselves with the company laptops and connect them to their personal Blackberries. They quickly log in to Facebook and MySpace during the work day. They’re not afraid to download new applications and fiddle with security and power settings.

Is Gen Y security’s worst nightmare?

Maybe or maybe not.

A study by Penn Schoen & Berland Associates in conjunction with Intel Corporation found that most IT and security professionals say Gen Y employees positively impact the enterprise’s use of innovative technology. That’s important as many physical security systems become more complex, Gen Y employees are more likely to be comfortable with the gear.

Yet, the study also revealed that half of protection professionals view Gen Y users as a growing security concern.