As reported in Investor’s Business Daily, TiVo on Monday plans to unveil Nero LiquidTV/TiVo PC, in partnership with Nero, a digital media software company.

The product contains the essentials for bringing TiVo's digital video recorder capabilities to the PC. The kit contains a TV tuner card -- which plugs into a PC USB port and then is connected via wire to the user's TV set -- as well as remote control, software and a one-year subscription to TiVo's DVR service. It will be sold at retail for $199. For PCs that already have a TV tuner card, a package with software and the TiVo service costs $99.

Several companies already offer such a product. They include Sage-TV and BeyondTV by SnapStream. With a cable TV wire plugged into a PC TV tuner card, users can browse TV listings, record TV shows and watch live TV on their PC screens. Shows can also be burned to DVDs and downloaded onto media-capable handsets.

But despite this technical advance, the idea of adding DVR features to the PC has yet to catch fire.