For over forty eight years, Speco Technologies has been dedicated to providing the highest quality residential and commercial sound, security, CCTV closed circuit video and electronic accessories. Contractors, installers, builders, engineers and architects specify Speco products to satisfy both their commercial and residential needs.

Since Speco Technologies pioneered the all-in-one design bullet camera, innovative ideas have continued to flow and unique video products have been created. The latest Intensifier Series of cameras, that see color in low light WITHOUT IR LEDs, has expanded for 2008. The Intensifier Technology that is featured in these cameras amplifies and maximizes existing light to generate color pictures in darkness where other cameras can’t!

  • Super high resolution
  • Easy to follow OSD setup
  • EZ installation features on all models
  • New bullet cameras, new dome cameras and a traditional camera.
The newest Intensifier weatherproof, tamperproof dome camera features 560 lines resolution, delivering extreme details, and a wider range 2.8 to 12mm auto iris varifocal lens (HT-INTD8) including dual voltage operation and the new "EZ mount" system. Other lens options include 5-50mm (HT-INTD9) and 9-22mm (HT-INTD10) auto iris varifocal lenses. These cameras complement the HT-7246iHR tamperproof, weatherproof dome camera featuring 540 lines resolution and a wide range 2.8 to 11mm or 9-22mm (HT-7247iHR) auto iris varifocal lens. It comes with a snap on paintable cover (Chameleon™ cover) that converts the housing from the standard dark grey to match any décor. The newly added indoor, tamperproof Intensifier dome (CVC-6246iHR) camera includes the 2.8-11mm auto iris varifocal lens and 540 lines of resolution.

The Intensifier, weatherproof bullet camera features the same high resolution as the domes with the following lens options: wider range 2.8 to 12mm auto iris varifocal lens (HT-INTB8), 5-50mm (HT-INTB9) and 9-22mm (HT-INTB10) auto iris varifocal lenses. These cameras include dual voltage operation and “EZ mount system as well.

Knowledgeable customer support people are in place to help the customers who purchase Speco Technologies’ products and a technical support group is available to assist with designing a system, installations and other professional advice.

To check out more innovative new products and new Intensifier cameras to come, go to Speco Technologies website,

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