A battery-operated portable DVR protects a chain of South American shopping malls.

Portable digital video recorders (DVRs) from Rainbow have a built-in high-resolution digital camera and are being used by one of the leading department stores in South America, the Mexican chain Liverpool.

The versatility of the equipment, notably motion detection with adjustable detect sensitivity rate, makes it suited to deployment at shops and distribution centers. The unit offers a low-cost video capture facility and records images on a built-in 128 MB Flash memory which can be optimized through use of a motion detection mode.

The portable DVRs support both NTSC and PAL and resume recording automatically after power loss. An intuitive interface allows even inexperienced users to select image compression qualities and frame rates, according to the requirements of the location. Liverpool operates 50 stores and multiple shopping malls throughout Mexico and expansion is taking place in Costa Rica and Guatemala. The company has warehouses in Mexico City and Guadalajara while the flagship retail outlets include Mexico City, Monterrey and Villa Hermosa. One of the oldest retail names worldwide, Liverpool was established in 1847.

The units can also be operated by four AA batteries meaning that they can be deployed discreetly to combat internal stock losses. It is significant that several retail companies with historical reluctance to employ security video have opted for these unobtrusive CMOS sensor-based units, which place portability and ease of operation above image resolution.

Other usage can cover general workplace surveillance with regard to safety practice and injury claims or covert observation of children, pets and livestock. There are imminent applications of the equipment in taxicabs with the motion activation mode being particularly effective since it can coincide with the passenger entering the vehicle.