The camera dome housing travels down from the top of the pole so an installer can more easily handle the unit.
The two-lane Chesapeake City Bridge was chosen as the first installation. "We looked at the bridge and realized that whenever we needed to access the camera for any reason there would be a problem," Steg said. Using a bucket truck or scaffolding would require blocking a lane of traffic, a major problem for the busiest bridge over the canal. With the PolEvator device, however, just one technician could walk to the site, lower the camera, complete servicing and raise the camera with no disruption, except, of course, for the usual "rubberneckers."

A technician prepares to lower the camera housing atop the PolEvator. All equipment is easily accessible from the sidewalk along the side of the bridge.
NetVersant chose the PV16 freestanding unit for the job. To install it a 0.75-inch steel bracket was welded onto the bridge. The base was then bolted onto the bracket. The pole was close enough and oriented in such a way that it could be reached from the sidewalk.

The advantages are clear. "We’re able to see two critical bends in the canal that we’ve never monitored before," stated Jim Tomlin, resident engineer for the USACE. There has never been a camera on the Chesapeake City Bridge, but now it’s considered an extension of the security system. "We’re looking to expand our use of the pole system," Tomlin added, "because it broadens our capabilities for security and operational monitoring."

The camera dome housing then travels back up the pole to provide a unique viewpoint.
In addition to such applications, numerous security operations have traditionally placed cameras and domes throughout parking lots.

More recently, local law enforcement agencies have been placing cameras in public locations where there is increased crime and drug activity. One example: the Chicago Police Department has had some success with cameras placed high-up on existing street and alleyway poles. In this case, camera housings have been reinforced to withstand attack from street gangs with weapons.