The city of Los Angeles is working with InfoGraphic Systems, Garden Grove, Calif., and its DIAMOND II access control system as part of the recently approved $3.5 million access control and security modernization project. “It is paramount that we provide both our city employees and members of the public conducting business with local government a reasonable level of safety and security,” explains Los Angeles council member Mark Ridley-Thomas, chair of the Information Technology and General Services Committee and chief proponent of the security upgrades to the Los Angeles Civic Center. “This new security technology project will assist the city in ensuring that objective.”

Diamond in the Rough

InfoGraphic Systems’ DIAMOND II access control system will serve as the heart of the city’s access control system. “We are excited to be working the city of Los Angeles,” says Joe Maskrey, CEO, InfoGraphic Systems. “Our DIAMOND II access control system provides a great fit with the city’s expanding needs.” The security modernization project involves securing the Civic Center Area, which consists of the recently renovated historic City Hall, Los Angeles’ marquee government building which is about to celebrate its 76th birthday. City Hall should be completed this summer. Other facilities slated for security modernization include City Hall South, City Hall East and the parking structure for the L.A. Mall and adjacent city facilities. Approximately 40,000 employees are scheduled to receive identification credentials. Future installations will involve the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments, waste water treatment plants and various city communications facilities.

Flexible Access

The InfoGraphic Systems access control system will be operated and monitored from the city’s new security command center. “The city must plan, design and implement a citywide security program that embodies the foresight to account for the uncertain future, both short and long term. InfoGraphic Systems’ product flexibility will help to facilitate this goal,” says Greg Brandon, security consultant for Engineered Automation Systems, Incorporated (EASI), the consulting firm exclusively working with the city of Los Angeles to design its security systems. EASI has selected RD Systems, Incorporated, an installation contractor that has worked with the city of Los Angeles for more than 18 years, to install and maintain InfoGraphic Systems’ DIAMOND II access control and badging system in the Civic Center buildings. “Physical security augmented with state-of-the-art technology is the new industry status quo. It will streamline our operations and decrease personnel cost while not compromising security,” explains LAPD Lt. John Incontro, acting director of the Department of General Services, Security Services Division.