The Fort Lee Police Department recently upgraded their automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology with Genetec's AutoVu Cloudrunner vehicle-centric investigative system. Due to Fort Lee’s proximity to Manhattan, the Fort Lee Police Department struggled to manually sort through the expansive list of license plates that passed through their area. The adoption of the new technology has allowed them to minimize their investigative time and close cases faster. 

Fort Lee Police Department Lieutenant Thomas Porto shared one such case that was benefited by the technology. After being alerted of suspicious individuals in a vehicle on housing facility property, they were able to access the nearest camera to pinpoint the location, time frame and vehicle description to match it to a stolen vehicle. The suspects were apprehended soon after. 

To reduce the use of investigative time and resources, the technology's audit features only require officers to enter a case number once. Any additional searches in that query will be matched to the case number so users don’t have to reenter the case number for every search.