New research reveals digital overload and multiple new communication channels reduce productivity and lead to a decline in engagement with cybersecurity training. As a result, people are increasingly ignoring cybersecurity notifications and are more likely to display risky cybersecurity behaviors like clicking on phishing emails or ignoring notifications to turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

According to the report released by CybSafe, 54% of today’s office workers are ignoring important cybersecurity alerts and warnings due to information overload from digital communication. 47% admitted to feeling information overload is having an impact on their ability to identify threats such as suspicious emails.

With 72% confirming they feel at least occasionally overwhelmed with the amount of information and communications they get at work.

The new research is released as ICO data indicates a 41% year-on-year increase in data security incidents reported to the body between Q2 2022 and Q2 2023. Cyber incidents (a type of breach with a clear online or technological element which involves a third party with malicious intent) saw a significant 157% increase over the same period, with ransomware and malware events seeing particularly prominent increases of 241% and 550%, respectively.

Other key report highlights

  • 36% admit to occasionally cutting corners on cybersecurity practices
  • 7% admitted they often skip steps like using safe networks or setting strong passwords, all in the name of saving time
  • 23% report being engaged with their cybersecurity training.
  • 41% say there's too much information to remember and use