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Andre SimonsAndre Simons – Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Behavioral Analysis Unit

Andre Simons is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Supervisory Special Agent and recognized subject matter expert in threat assessment and workplace violence prevention. Simons conceived of and built an interagency multi-disciplinary task force (the Behavioral Threat Assessment Center) dedicated to the prevention of targeted violence, the first of its kind security solution in the federal government to counter an emerging threat. Simons personally supervised, designed, and implemented hundreds of risk management plans for potentially violent individuals, including matters involving workplace violence, insider threats, and homegrown violent extremists.

Simons also assembled and managed the groundbreaking Cyber Behavioral Analysis Center, a unique multi-agency USIC center of excellence providing agile and comprehensive insight into evolving state-sponsored, terrorist, and criminal enterprise cyber threats. Simons also conceptualized, co-authored, and published groundbreaking research into pre-attack behaviors and communicated threat analysis; and created and implemented an advanced threat management training curriculum currently utilized by the FBI and delivered across the nation to over 100,000 public and private security stakeholders.

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