Michael Gips Michael Gips
Global Insights in Professional Security (GIPS)

Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE, is Principal of Global Insights in Professional Security, where he consults for multinational corporations, security providers, academic institutions, utilities, law firms, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and other businesses and agencies. Previously he served as both the Chief Security Officer and Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer for ASIS International, where he oversaw Learning, Content, Certification, Standards & Guidelines, Production, Enterprise Security Risk Management, and other departments. Gips is also a Senior Advisor for Cardinal Point Strategies, a Senior Advisor for the Network Contagion Research Institute, and a Partner in the Knowledgebase of Insider Threats. He is also an Associate with the Netherlands-based insider risk firm Signpost Six. Gips serves on the advisory boards of several organizations that provide technology and services in crisis management, executive protection and more.