Security 500  Conference
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Security 500 Conference
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Brian HarrellBrian Harrell – Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, DHS Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency

Throughout the month of November, all Americans are encouraged to learn more about critical infrastructure and ways each of us can contribute to its security and resilience. Brian Harrell, Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security at the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, will discuss some of the key priorities areas his organization is leading. Harrell will discuss the Department’s engagement with all 50 states and the ability to rapidly communicate with any election jurisdiction or provide alerts or incident response.

Over the last 18 months, DHS has been working with election officials to identify and fill in the gaps with services and expertise. Harrell will also discuss how the Department has been working to address security and preparedness around soft targets and crowded places, through four overarching lines of effort: directing security operations and support; facilitating awareness, intelligence and information sharing; building partner capability and capacity; and conducting research and development. The Department has created a central web presence where small and mid-sized companies can access free tools and resources to increase their security and resilience.

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