An international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings, architectural hardware and lighting products recovered from a recent ransomware attack after utilizing a single-vendor SASE platform. The company was able to rebuild its 50-plus country, 180-site network in under 30 days.

In February 2023, Häfele, a German family enterprise based in Nagold, Germany, suffered a severe ransomware attack which forced the company to shut down its computer systems and disconnect from the internet.

“When your network is down from a cyberattack, every minute counts, and you can’t afford to bring back a partially secured network. You have one shot to do it right and fast,” said Daniel Feinler, CISO, Häfele.

Over the next four weeks, Häfele worked with Cato Networks and restored its IT systems. Häfele installed Cato Sockets, Cato’s Edge SD-WAN device, at 180-plus sites across 50-plus countries such as Argentina, Finland, Myanmar (Burma) and South Africa. A global, unified security policy was configured to help prevent another attack, and 8,000 employees regained secured access to the internet and enterprise resources.

With Cato SASE Cloud, Häfele utilizes a global, unified multilayer security stack that inspects all traffic in all directions froma all edges and provides consistent and comprehensive enterprise-grade security. Häfele’s new security from Cato includes FWaaS, SWG, IPS, Next-gen Antimalware, CASB and MDR — all targeted towards preventing future breaches and maintaining an optimal security posture.