Students in kindergarten through eighth grade can learn cybersecurity best practices and safety techniques through gamification in the classroom.

Schools across North America have struggled with ensuring cyber safety for their students. There is currently no standardized cyber safety curriculum being taught in primary, elementary or intermediate schools. As critical as it is that children learn about cyber safety early on, teachers often lack the resources to help their students. They aren’t cybersecurity specialists and the vast majority have never received any cybersecurity training themselves. 

A no-cost, gamified cyber education platform called Cyber Legends intends to help bolster student cyber readiness in schools across North America with engaging, curriculum-aligned lessons, masked as a fun video game. The game teaches kids about passwords, identity theft, scams, phishing, cyber bullying, sexting, social media issues and much more.

As students play Cyber Legends, reports appear in the teacher dashboard. This information shows teachers where students are excelling, and where there’s room for improvement. The reports are easily tailored to a teacher’s specific focus and also helps guide the assessment process.

Working with game developers who have designed for Mattel, Disney, and Lucas Films, to name a few, the Cyber Legends video game was created to immerse students in scenarios that lead to in-game assignments. This problem-based approach helps develop critical thinking and communication skills relating to student cyber safety.