As businesses evaluate new safety precautions in the post-pandemic world, one thing has become clear to many security leaders. Entrance and access control strategies require reassessment in order to minimize germ transmission while protecting staff and visitors. The following are a few areas to consider when re-evaluating your building’s entrance and access control:

  • New visitor management systems for common areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, and meeting spaces
  • Reduced interaction with common items such as door handles, keypads and buttons
  • Elimination of guest interactions with security officers



There are a myriad of solutions available that minimize the risk of virus transmission. Below are some innovative solutions for minimizing risk while better protecting your most critical assets, your people. 



Smarter Security’s Fastlane® Turnstiles are made of stainless steel and toughened safety glass, making them effortless to clean and sanitize regularly. Whether you prefer discreet or fully integrated multi-tech solutions, Fastlane turnstiles can seamlessly embed many 3rd party products to create completely touchless entrance solutions. 


Bluetooth Readers

Smarter Security’s FastScan solution fully integrates Bluetooth proximity readers with QR readers as a compact, bracketed solution with a single Wiegand output. Users can be granted access by presenting their smartphones, eliminating the need to touch the turnstile or a paper ticket. FastScan’s “authentication zone” is compact and intuitive and can be discreetly embedded into most Fastlane models.


Facial Recognition

Cameras can discreetly be mounted onto Fastlane turnstile tops to facilitate the facial recognition matching process. 


3D Fingerprint Scanners

Fastlane turnstiles integrate with one of the leading providers in innovative biometric access control technology, IDEMIA. Solutions such as the IDEMIA MorphoWave scan four fingers in 3D and match the fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy, delivering an efficient user experience without compromising security. Unlike other brands, Fastlane seamlessly embeds MorphoWave into many of our pedestals as opposed to on separate posts or cabinets, as featured on page 1.


 Destination Dispatch

Elevator integrations can eliminate the need to press buttons in an elevator while limiting the number of occupants within an elevator car by directing the flow of traffic. Destination dispatch displays can be embedded into the pedestals of many Fastlane turnstile models.




Smarter Security’s Door Detective® is a touchless “virtual guard” that helps secure all interior critical doors, whether they are touchless or not. For example, a scanned badge at the door could prompt the door to hydraulically open, allowing one authorized entry in an approved direction. However, if another person tries to tailgate through the open door or proceed in an unapproved direction, the Door Detective will signal an alarm and can trigger other security actions. Door Detective is a costefficient way to advance security measures without adding hassle to staff and end users.



Another touchless benefit is that Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detectives can accurately track and record population data for allocated zones as well as for an entire building when paired with our FastCount software. They also integrate seamlessly with our award-winning SmarterAccess, and other access control systems, for accurate population monitoring. With real-time population data, facilities can easily manage the flow of occupancy within a room, giving a facility the ability to restrict entrance when needed.



With new security policies and regulations come new challenges, and Smarter Security is known for its unique solutions. Whether you’re looking to start a new project or refresh an existing lobby or facility, contact our sales team with your specific challenges to discover the many ways that Smarter Security can help.