Legacy turnstiles can be great at detecting tailgaters, but truly securing a smart building now requires more. SmarterLobby is the industry’s first solution that looks beyond a credential. It weighs critical data from other sensor systems and sources into turnstile permission decisions. Like a lobby operating system, this unique software offers custom apps that dramatically increase the security and ROI from Fastlane® turnstiles. SmarterLobby further distinguishes Fastlane as the industry’s only intelligent turnstile brand. So, ask yourself, what might you want your turnstiles to know in the future before letting someone into your facility? 

Intelligent Automation and Integration 

SmarterLobby is architected for easy workflow automation and interoperability with 3rd party technologies. This allows Fastlane turnstiles to go well beyond enforcement of anti-tailgating, delivering additional functionality and enhanced lobby security.

Remain Compliant 

Security is the first policy to break. Create policies that enable turnstiles to automatically enforce physical compliance beyond anti-tailgating. 

Reduce Exposure

Threats are changing. Use new or existing third-party technology to not only detect risk in lobby environments but mitigate threats before they gain access.

Eliminate Bias

Humans are subjective. Create objective or randomized intervals for unbiased and auditable enforcement of secondary screening.

Unlocked Efficiencies

Every facility is unique. Define procedures that fit your perfect balance of automation and intervention to give your facility a proactive safety posture.

Advanced Screening

SmarterLobby is designed to operate in lobby environments with existing or new Fastlane turnstiles and access control systems. SmarterLobby and Fastlane enable advanced screening applications, such as: unbiased screening, mask compliance, frictionless entry, social distance, social unrest, fever scanning, and weapons detection. 

Standard Features 

•    Event Logging 

•    Alarm Monitoring 

•    Floorplan Map Designer 

•    System Administration

•    Rules Engine 

•    ONVIF Video Viewer 

Optional Features 

•    Mass Notification 

•    Mobile Client 

•    iWatch Client 

•    Role-Based Access Control 

•    Video Management API 

•    Video Analytics API 

•    Asset Management API 

•    Ticketing API 

•    BACNET Interface

•    Mercury Controllers 

•    Hardware Power Supply & Enclosure

What do your wish your turnstiles knew? Read our building solutions brochure for more information on SmarterLobby and our other access control solutions.