Physical security infrastructure is a critical component to an overarching security strategy. When making this significant investment, it is important to be aware of how far you can extend new and existing security protocols within your security hardware.

Fastlane® optical turnstiles from Smarter Security® are designed to seamlessly accommodate a wide variety of 3rd-party peripheral products, including some of these market-leading examples:

Access Control

Fastlane optical turnstiles and Door Detective® products can integrate with any known access control system (ACS) using a standard relay interface. New next-generation access control systems such as SmarterAccess offer advanced benefits such as “risk-adaptive” permissions that enhance life safety and security, adding a new layer of intelligence and context to data from virtually any sensor or system. 

Proximity Card Readers

Fastlane turnstiles integrate with all reader manufacturers to deliver a multitude of proximity card reader solutions.

Barcode, QR and Bluetooth Readers

Whether you prefer discreet technologies or fully integrated multi-tech solutions, Fastlane turnstiles provide options. Smarter Security’s Fastscan solution fully integrates proximity readers with barcode/QR readers as a compact, bracketed solution with a single Wiegand output. Whether users have proximity cards, paper barcode tickets or smartphones, Fastscan’s “authentication zone” is compact and intuitive. Most readers can easily and discreetly be incorporated into Fastlane’s designs.

3D Fingerprint Scanning

For high security environments with high-traffic areas, entrance control points must be seamless for the user while allowing for no oversights in security policy. Biometric readers have become more commonplace in the lives of end users, and now the integration into physical security protocols is becoming increasingly common as well. Buildings can now rely on innovative biometric access control technology, such as readers that scan multiple fingers in 3D and match the fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy.

Iris Scanning

Iris scanners have continued to rise in popularity for both their ease of use and their ability to detect users from a distance while in motion. Iris scanning easily incorporates with Fastlane turnstiles for convenient biometric authentication with high accuracy. 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is gaining popularity as technologies improve. Cameras can discreetly be mounted onto Fastlane turnstile tops to facilitate the matching process.

Destination Dispatch Displays

At its most basic functionality, destination dispatch optimizes multiple elevators and passenger groups by destination rather than by on-demand requests. Destination dispatch solutions also allow static instruction to become dynamic and real-time; displaying visual information along with evacuation instructions for those who approach the elevator bank.


Integrating network video solutions with Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detectives allow alerts to become more dynamic by leveraging a database of video footage. Beyond allowing or denying access, security alerts can be paired with a visual reference when doors are forced or left open. The database of video footage also allows for a referenceable analytics tool that can be searched for specific parameters, for example: who arrived late, when specific doors were used, and who entered. 

Weapons Detection

Facilities are now able to integrate weapons detection systems with Fastlane optical turnstiles to ensure even authorized persons cannot bring weapons into a facility. With the integration of advanced weapons detection systems, these technologies allow for advanced security procedures such as detecting and locking out people openly carrying weapons, or possessing weapons concealed in clothing or bags.