Let’s face it, lobby real estate is incredibly valuable. While Smarter Security® turnstile models provide ADA compliant lane widths, the need for even wider lanes has not been addressed. Smarter Security now offers two exclusive models of Fastlane® turnstiles that feature even wider lanes to accommodate typical pedestrian traffic and extra-wide objects. These models optimize space utilization by eliminating the need for a separate gate. 

The First Side-by-Side Collusion Detection

Wider width lanes may be more tempting to intruders. Fastlane is the first brand globally to negate that risk with breakthrough technology designed to detect side-by-side collusion. Additionally, all Fastlane turnstiles are equipped with an intelligent infrared matrix powered by neural network algorithms that can sense who or what is going through a turnstile in realtime — making thousands of calculations per second determining if an entry should be authorized. This innovative optical technology can distinguish between people and objects such as wheelchairs and minimize nuisance alarms. All while maintaining throughput at industry-leading speeds of up to one person per second. 

Get to Know Smarter Security’s Wider Lane Models

Fastlane Glassgate 155 and Glassgate 400 Plus each provide up to 47.25” lane widths. This ensures best-in-class versatility along with peace-of-mind collusion detection.

Glassgate 155

The Glassgate 155 offers additional security features over its sister turnstile, the Glassgate 150, while also allowing facilities to customize from hundreds of aesthetic options. Glassgate 155 uniquely features concealed optical systems for a sleeker look with waist-height glass barriers and is optimal for facilities where wider objects such as carts and wheelchairs are more prevalent. 

Other features of the Glassgate 155 include:

  • Infrared beam matrix to monitor pedestrian movement with pinpoint accuracy; as close as ¼” apart
  • IP-enabled control from any device
  • Integration into CCTV, elevator dispatch, and other access control systems
  • Up to one person per second throughput

Glassgate 400 Plus

Similar to the Glassgate 400, the Glassgate 400 Plus features a longer pedestal and is particularly suited to high-security environments. This Glassgate model uses a high-resolution infrared matrix to ensure best in class detection of objects in the lane to ensure safe and secure operation. Other highlights of the Glassgate 400 Plus include:

  • Dual glass swing barriers, available in four height options
  • Available locking barriers
  • Up to one person per second throughput

Whether you’re looking to install turnstiles for the first time, or upgrade older lanes, ensuring that you’re meeting the accessibility requirements of your facility is a top priority. Contact Smarter Security for a consultation to assess your entrance control needs.