Change is a constant in a digital world — even when it comes to physical threats to your organization. In fact, the risk landscape is evolving both online and off, resulting in a complex, interconnected web of threats that can have a ripple effect on an organization’s people and assets.

Humans simply can no longer compete with the speed at which intelligent software receives, collects and analyzes information. While many companies have begun to take advantage of new cloud-based technology for logistics, workflow and customer analysis, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck using outdated solutions.

Content Provided By OnSolveOrganizations and their leadership must recognize the importance of using technology to mitigate and communicate about threats that might deliver serious physical or financial harm. It’s time to empower security, business continuity and risk teams with a centralized platform engineered specifically for critical event management.

The Benefits of Technology That Meets Your Needs

The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management combines data, visualization, interaction and engagement in a unified suite of products to help organizations handle critical events quickly and efficiently. Where once security managers would have to switch between multiple programs to monitor risks, send alerts and manage responses, the OnSolve Platform provides a single interface to do it all. Organizations can monitor and manage shifting threats that pose the risk of becoming a major event and quickly inform people who need to know.

Our unified Platform differentiates us from others in the market and delivers far-reaching value. We believe this is why OnSolve was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Critical Event Management Platforms, Q4 2023

There are many benefits to choosing a unified platform. They include:

  • Cost Savings from Consolidation: Managing multiple subscriptions and systems from different vendors is expensive, and it inhibits scalability. Instead, handling operations from a centralized and open platform delivers cost savings through greater levels of efficiency, deeper insight, better communication and empowered decision-making. Business leaders and management can make better decisions and avoid costly downtime.
  • Centralized Data Management: Having your data in one centralized location helps avoid the mess of dealing with multiple sets of different systems where information can get outdated quickly. With OnSolve, you access your data from the same interface that helps you understand how your people and assets will be impacted, and then communicate the information quickly to large groups of people. You’ll be able to act against threats faster and more efficiently.
  • Single Source of Truth and One Login: You can receive, collect and analyze data from a centralized interface. Consolidating your business systems into one single source of truth eliminates the need to switch between multiple programs and improves the effectiveness, safety and speed of operations and responses to potentially stressful circumstances.
  • Improved Security: We live in a time where security breaches are a constant threat. Relying on multiple vendors with different security certifications can make you subject to vulnerabilities. By partnering with OnSolve, you ensure the same level of platform security will be applied across all devices.
  • Increased Collaboration and Efficiency: From small security teams to large security operations centers, real-time alerts and insights enable organizations to identify and verify critical events faster, analyze business impacts and activate a communications response across the organization. This real-time collaboration accelerates response times and can help reduce the impact on people, assets and business continuity.
  • Scalability to Grow With Your Needs: Having a system that can grow with your team is critical. OnSolve offers basic to advanced alert send workflows and different levels of services and support to meet you where your team is today and in the future.
  • Strong Vendor Partnership: Dealing with multiple software vendors and platforms can be inefficient and complicated. Using OnSolve across your enterprise enables you to develop a deeper, lasting relationship with a vendor that fully understands your needs. Our technology helps operations get applications up and running faster, while reducing onsite implementation and management costs. OnSolve also supports internal IT teams through implementation, configuring the platform to your needs and goals.

How is OnSolve Different?

In today’s evolving and dynamic risk landscape, the ability to accelerate discovery of potential risks in order to accelerate recovery gives organizations a competitive advantage. Our AI-powered, analyst-vetted risk detection helps security leaders discover potential threats faster, make informed decisions and quickly communicate information. The OnSolve difference means our customers have the solution they need to:

  • Protect their people and operations.
  • Improve business continuity.
  • Strengthen organizational and operational resilience.

And customers also reap the benefits of the cost savings that come with a unified platform, not to mention the financial benefits of mitigating the impact of physical threats to the business.

Leverage the Confidence and Cost Savings of a Unified Platform

The OnSolve Platform gives you more time to react and more confidence in your execution. Can you afford not to keep your stakeholders safe, informed, assured and productive when it matters most?

Prepare your organization by empowering your security team with a centralized risk management platform. To learn more about building a strong internal business use case for technology to strengthen your organization’s resilience, read our ebook.